Yassıada in the Bulwer Era

British Ambassador Henry Bulwer, who bought Yassıada in 1858 with the permission of the Ottoman Sultan of the time, Sultan Abdülmecid, had two castles built, one in the west and the other in the middle of the island

together with hanging logs, a garden and a small port in front of the castle. The castles, which bear the signature of the architect Konstantin Dimadis, included battlements and had a Gothic-Arabic mix appearance. As these castles were built on the site of the Byzantine monasteries, the last remains of the monastery, which was of historical and archaeological importance, had been destroyed. 

According to some historical records, during the construction of the castles  very precious jewels from ancient times were found in the sarcophagi, and once the  Ottoman sultan was informed of such discovery, the British Ambassador Bulwer was ordered to immediately hand over the island to a Turk. 

As a result, Yassıada was bought by the Governor of Egypt and the first Khedive İsmail Pasha. However, as İsmail Pasha's interest decreased, the island was destroyed by fishermen, pirates and treasure seekers.