Adnan Menderes Museum



Used as an officer's dormitory during the period under the administration of the Naval Forces Command of the island, the rooms in this building were converted into isolation rooms after the coup of May 27, 1960.

In this building, recently transformed into a museum, we have touched upon the significant milestones in Menderes’ life starting from his childhood.

Menderes spent a large amount of his childhood and youth in his grandmother’s house. While there are sections on the ground floor representing Menderes' grandmother's house, the museum in general aims to understand Menderes’ life.The second floor of the museum depicts Menderes’ conditions during the trial period and reflects his inner life. This building further hosts the solitary confinement cell Adnan Menderes inhabited.

You can visit the island to see the important events in Adnan Menderes' profiles and our experience rooms designed to make you feel your spiritual state in Yassıada and Adnan Menderes' isolation room.

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